Map Program

In order to help run the game I plan on using a free online map program. I have yet to get a server operational for it but plan to remedy that soon. In the meantime if you want to play around with it this is the link to the program.


We will be using version 1.3.b82

So you know I have a utility that allows any picture to be turned into a token so should you have a specific picture you want to use for your character that should be doable.

This program allows macros to be programed that can be as simple as a basic dice roll to programing all of your skills with pop up boxes for conditional modifiers. The tokens can be programed with specific ability scores and other items to facilitate the macros usage. Once I get a server operational I will share some macros that I have built for this server specifically as well as some other macros that you can use as bases to build off of.

Map Program

Zalora Stephen_Feathers