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The world of Zalora is split up into two major known continents that span across the northern and southern hemispheres respectively. The continents are separated by a sea that has strong currents that dictate the trading routes and also makes some of the islands or coast-lands inaccessible by standard boats. With this in mind there are 3 major islands as well as one island chain that are known to have some form of sentient life living on them. There are rumors that some of the other islands have inhabitants but no one has been able to land to confirm or deny the rumors. In the current time period the southern continent is predominately Human with some presence by the other civilized races. There are a number of wars over territory and succession but few other disturbances. The Northern continent is much more cosmopolitan in its racial makeup but also has a far larger presence of the more war-faring races. This means that politics in the north are generally more predictable but the actual situation is far more frequently on a war footing.

This world also has a significant Underdark that has outlets on both the northern and southern continents. It is suspected that there are tunnels that run between the two if you can go down far enough but none of the organized expeditions have come back successful.

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