Character Building

Rolling ability scores

For Character Building I have two ways that you can roll dice.

The first format is to roll 4d6 7 times adding up the top 3 dice in each individual set for the score. Then you can take the top 6 scores from that set.

The second format that I allow is to roll 4d6 6 times and re-roll all ones. Once again the top 3 dice in each set are added to obtain your scores.

In either section if your modifiers for the scores combine to be negative you can re-roll the entire set.


Your choice of race is limited only in that you should be choosing one that does not have a level adjustment associated with it.

Hit Points

You gain hit points equal to your constitution modifier plus the maximum die roll for your character class at first level.


I am allowing most any class that was published in an official D&D 3.5 book. The only two books that are restricted completely are going to be the Book of Exalted Deeds as well as The Tome of Battle. For other books check but for the most part it should be fine.


Feats are as standard with all characters getting one at first level as well as any bonus feats for their race of class.


You will receive skill points as described by your class and your intelligence modifier as well as an extra for being human. In addition I am giving every character an additional skill that will be associated with whatever profession or craft that they decided was going to be in their charter’s background.


Your equipment will be purchased based off of your class as described in the equipment chapter of the PHB. If your class isn’t listed let me know and I’ll figure out what category your class should fit into. If your Profession or Craft is one that requires tools you will have one set of basic artisan tools free that came from your apprenticeship or actually working. For weapons and armor there are some limitations in place due to local laws. Weapons that are not in some way associated with normal peasant duties are not permitted. In the same token armor above the level of studded leather or hide is not allowed without permission from local authorities. In short, Swords and metal armor, are not something that will be available to be used by the characters at least in the beginning.

Choosing your profession or craft

For the most part the PC’s should be at the apprenticeship level of their job though with a good back story a higher level of proficiency might be allowed. The sheriff and other duties associated with physical law enforcement are not allowed to the PC’s at this time. If you wish to be in investigative or solicitor training that would be allowed. The major persons with their professions are listed in the entry for Oakhurst in the kingdom of Wetterau.

Character Building

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