Party Items


List of items and gear that has been acquired by the party. This is not complete as it does not list weapons and armor that might have been picked off downed enemies. Jewelry and money awards are listed elsewhere. Magic or rare items may warrant their own description beyond this page. Items that are described in the DM’s Guide or Magic Item Compendium will not have their own listing but instead will have a page # and the book in which they can be found.

Items that have their own listing will be in Bold


MW Dagger
everburning torch
4 scrolls: command, cure light wounds, inflict light wounds, magical stone, Faerie Fire.
Quall’s feather token (tree)
Arcane scrolls: mage armor, spider climb, knock
Flask with herbal concoction
Potion from dragon fountain
Everburnig candle
Potion of endure elements (fire)

potion of cure light wounds
silver flask 50gp

Khundrukar scroll case
antitoxin 2doses
potion cats grace
Experimental drought
fertilizer bottle
2 flasks of alchemists fire

Found on 7/17/2011
Arcane Scrolls: pyrotechnics, Melf’s Acid Arrow
Tome of Dragon Lore
Treasures of the Fire Lords
Divine Scrolls: entangle, Slow poison
Druidic Tome
MW Sickle
3 smoke sticks
2 antitoxin doses
3 potions of cure light wounds
Wand of entangle (13 charges)

Party Items

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