Nimue Fielding "Enidu"

Steampunk Aasimar


Class- Artificer 1, Sorcerer 1 Race- Aasimar (+1) Alignment- Chaotic Good
Size- M Age- 21 1/3 Gender- female
Height- 5’ 8’’ Weight- 135 Eyes- Gold and piercing
Hair- White and very long Skin- Luminous and fair

STR- 13/1
DEX- 14/
CON- 14/2
INT- 18/
WIS- 16/3
CHA- 19/

HP- 11
AC- 16 Touch-12 Flat-footed- 14
Speed- 30 ft.
Fort- 2
Reflex- 2
Will- 7
Base ATT Bonus- 0
Spell Resistance- 5 against acid, cold, and electricity
Grapple- 1
Arcane Spell Failure- 10% (Studded Leather MW)

Craft Reserve- 20

Feats- Scribe Scroll
Point Blank Shot

Languages- Common, Celestial, Gnome, Draconic, Sylvan, Dwarven

Skills- Appraise 8 (2 with metalwork), Concentration 7, Craft (metal-working) 11, Craft (leather-working) 10, Craft (jewelery) 10, Knowledge (arcana) 8, Knowledge (architecture/engineering) 8, Search 8, Spellcraft 8, Use Magic Device 8 (2 with devices with corresponding Item Creation Feat- scrolls), Disable Device 6, Listen 5

Special Abilities-
Proficient with simple weapons, light and med armor, and shields except tower shields
Artificer’s Knowledge- lvl + INT bonus (5) to see if an object has a magic aura
Artisan Bonus
Disable Trap- If beat trap DC by 10, can bypass without disarming
Item Creation

Crossbow, Heavy with Bayonet

Studded Leather MW

Dastana MW

Gear- Artisan Tools MW, Backpack, Caltrops (x3), Ink, Rope (Silk), Sealing Wax, Waterskin, Rations (x10), Explorer’s Outfit, Crowbar, Spell Component Pouch, Flint and Steel, Grappling Hook, Case (Scroll, x3), Bedroll, Inkpen (x2), Oil (x3), Parchment (x5), Earplugs, Golden Light (gnome beer)

Cure Minor Wounds- 4
Burning Hands- 4
Read Magic- 2

Gold- 189.1

Spells- 0th- Ray of Frost, Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Mending 1st- Orb of Cold (Lesser), Light of Lunia


Enidu was found as an infant by a group of gnomes living deep in the forest on the island of Formosa on their way to their yearly trip into town to sell their unique constructions and pick up supplies. She was lying in a field in a basket miles from any road or sign of other people. The leader of the group of gnomes, a master clockwork toymaker and matriarch of a large family in the village named Whimzig BeetleBranch, was taken aback by the child’s glowing skin, magic aura, and white hair. But the intelligent and curious glint in the child’s piercing gold eyes is what cause Whimzig to immediately adopt her into her family. She named her Nimue Fieldling and gave her a mongoose as her first pet. In the village, she quickly became known by several nicknames, the most common and her favorite being Enidu.

Enidu’s curious and playful personality meant she fit in well in the village despite quickly towering over the gnomes as she grew older, and her family’s position in the village meant she never lacked respect. Recognizing that her lifespan would not accommodate a gnome education, after a brief general education as a child, she was offered the opportunity to apprentice under the gnome master of her choice. Having always been fascinated by the unique clockwork and magic toys her adoptive mother made, she chose to apprentice under Whimzig. She was a prodigy with mechanical engineering and metalwork. The Celestial and Gnome languages came naturally to Enidu, and she quickly picked up Common, Draconic, Sylvan, and Dwarven as well. Leather armor and amulets were also prevalent in the village, so Enidu picked up some skills in working with leather and jewelry.

Once Whimzig thought she had taught Enidu all she believed Enidu could learn as an apprentice, Whimzig suggested she venture into the world to test her skills, acquire new knowledge, and develop the inborn magic abilities Whimzig had always noticed in her. Enidu parted happily from the village on the next yearly trip to market. After spending some time learning the way a human town functions, she made her way by airship to the southern continent and Oakhurst.

Nimue Fielding "Enidu"

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