Gamabunta the Toad Lord

Dwarf Druid


AC – 16 (full), 13 (flat footed), 11 (touch)
HP – 12
Saves – +6 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, +5 Will
Initiative – +1
Attack – +1 – 1d6
+1 Bludgeoning Club


Gamabunta the Toad Lord is a young dwarf, who grew up in Oakhurst. His parents apprenticed their son to the local healer. Gamabunta was quick to pick up on the medicinal practices of his mentor, and is now a competent healer in his own right. However, as he learned more of herbs and natural cures, he began to seek methods and tools of healing beyond the mundane. He began embarking on trips into the local woods to seek more knowledge, against the better judgement of his family, but with the blessing of his mentor. While his familiarity with the natural world increased, it didn’t stop him from getting lost on a recent foray. He spent days in the woods, running low on food and water, while trying to avoid predatory animals. On the fifth day Gamabunta collapsed due to exhaustion and exposure to the elements. A Great Toad appeared in a vision to him in his sleep. The amphibian spoke to Gamabunta and told him that he had been watching the young dwarf’s journey and was impressed by his dedication. The Great Toad spoke of secrets and mysteries beyond Gamabunta’s current understanding, but some scrap of what he heard was retained, and he knew that with practice and dedication he could recover more of the power that the Great Toad spoke of. Gamabunta awoke from the vision, feeling remarkable refreshed. In front of him was a unusually large and powerful looking toad. Immediately Gamabunta felt the bond between the two of them. Though the toad didn’t speak, as the one in his vision had, Gamabunta immediately knew its name. This was Anura, Gamabunta’s animal companion. Together the two of them made their way back to town. Gamabunta’s mentor, upon hearing his story, told Gamabunta that he had learned everything that he had to teach, and that if he wished to learn more he would have to leave Oakhurst. Gamabunta told his family that he was going to leave. This made them sad, as the Dwarves of the area tend to have very tight family bonds, but they realized that they could not sway their son from his journey of discovery.

Gamabunta the Toad Lord

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