This will be starting as a first level campaign on the southern continent of Zalora. It will use my standard form of character building.
Character Building
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The party are locals or prolonged visitors to the local town of Oakhurst. The town is relatively small with only a few hundred residents and one main road. It is mostly a farming community in a relatively stable area of the continent. The ruling kingdom has not changed in the last two centuries and is not likely to do so in the near future. The local lord is several towns over and is an absentee landholder who expects his taxes but has few services that need to be provided.

In the last 20 years the town has experienced something of a rise in notoriety. A local tribe of kobolds has annually held an auction on midsummer for a single apple. The apple has the ability to cure disease and in some instances regenerate lost limbs. At the same time that this started there were some weird tracks noticed by the local ranger. In the last 10 years some of the livestock has been found dead in the mornings with unexplained injuries. Several local individuals tried to track down this problem and have disappeared.

For some reason the PC’s have decided to try and solve this problem and if successful make a career out of it. With this basic background any of the standard races are permissible with some others on request. They should have a basic back-story and some sort of career that they were working towards before this came up. All of the PC’s should be acquainted with one another and be friendly.

Due to the requirement of having a former career each PC’s will have one additional skill slot that goes to a Craft, Profession or Preform of your choice. This represents an apprenticeship or life experience in the chosen field.


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